Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Five Ways to Incorrectly Use Technology

Device with multiple dongles How you adopt technology in your personal life is a personal choice. How technology is used in an organization affects many others, requiring careful consideration to provide its benefits without negative repercussions.

The top five ways organizations incorrectly use technology:

  1. Implement a technology for technology’s sake.
  2. Pick a technology because it is cool, trendy, or new.
  3. Use it to fix a broken process.
  4. Introduce it without adequate trials or testing.
  5. Pick the version with the most bells and whistles.

I’m a big proponent for the use of technology when it is used in a way that truly supports the organization from every perspective. Nobody Likes Bad Change™ in technology, work, or life. Let’s do our part to introduce only good change:

  • use the right technology
  • for a specific process
  • considering the available resources
  • at the appropriate time
  • to achieve the desired outcome


Photo credit: Qole Tech / CC BY 2.0

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  1. Technology can teach skills, offer opportunities, & help extend learning. So incorrectly using of technology is really wrong, some teachers just need time to learn technology.

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