Monday, September 26, 2011

Seven Effective uses of Technology in Business

rocketmanThis is Part 2 in a series about the role of technology in business improvement. In Part 1 we explored Five Ways to Incorrectly Use Technology.

Organizations can experience significant benefits applying technology in scenarios where:

  • technology can be a catalyst for innovating around a process.
  • the majority of the perceived process waste has been removed.
  • the ability to improve the process without technology has reached its threshold.
  • technology is better suited for poka-yoke, such as eliminating math errors or guiding complicated work flows.
  • the risks of injury or danger to employees can be reduced or eliminated. Examples are un-manned military drones replacing pilots in hostile areas or using robots in automotive paint spray booths.
  • the mechanical burden of maintaining the process using manual methods becomes a hindrance to productivity.
  • information or collaboration needs to be shared across geographic boundaries.

photo credit: jurvetson / CC BY 2.0