I specialize in shop-floor and office Lean Informatics. I am a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Quality is deeply rooted in my philosophy and implementation of change.

My mission is to help organizations and their employees put efficient, reliable, and clear systems and supporting processes (not just software) in place so they are not on the receiving end of the same chaos and stress I have experienced:
  • 24/7/365 engineering and management support for critical manufacturing value streams
  • 24+ hour work days, 100+ hour work weeks, and frequent 2 am crisis calls
  • multiple plant closures and layoffs of close friends and associates
I have also been involved in numerous wildly successful cross-functional, multi-location projects that had very positive benefits for the organizations and their employees. I want to help as many as possible reach that same level of success.

The Blog
This blog content is centered on the intersection of process improvement, quality management, and information technology. My perspective is that of an implementation specialist converting executive strategies into real organizational change by working with the process stakeholders to help them remove waste and add value to the operational business processes.